Postage, Notary, Mailboxes & More

We've re-invented shipping, making it faster, easier, and cheaper than going to the post office or a traditional shipping store. Olie's provides a variety of convenient services in a charming environment.

Bring in items to ship

We ship with USPS, UPS and FedEx. Bring in something, and we'll help you get it to its destination safely. Our process makes shipping a breeze. Stop by the store to give it a try or reach out with any questions you have.

Shipping in bulk? Make it easy by emailing us the addresses. We'll get them setup and ready for your drop-off. 

Notary Public Service

We provide walk-in notary service. Available during most business hours at $5 per stamp. Feel free to call in to confirm availability at (216) 999 5020

Forever® and Specialty Stamps

We only stock fun and unique stamps. Sorry, no flag stamps here. We also carry specialty stamps for postcards and international letters. 

Business and Frequent Shippers

Become a regular at Olie's and we'll make it as simple as possible to ship. Forward addresses by email, invoiced payments, and micro-fulfillment services are all available. 

Virtual Mailboxes

Get your mail sent to Olie's. We'll scan it and upload it to view online. Perfect for snow birds, businesses, or traveling abroad. See details about plans and pricing here:

Free Pre-Labeled Drop-Off (UPS & USPS)

Have something already packed with a label? Drop it off here. We have daily pickup from the post office as well as UPS.