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Ascidiae–Seescheiden (Sea Squirts) by Ernst Haeckel

Ascidiae–Seescheiden (Sea Squirts) by Ernst Haeckel

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About this piece 

Ernst Haeckel, a pioneering biologist and artist, beautifully depicted Ascidiae, commonly known as Sea Squirts, in his renowned illustrations. These marine invertebrates, resembling colorful, sac-like organisms, are fascinating due to their unique filter-feeding lifestyle and evolutionary significance. Haeckel's detailed drawings continue to inspire scientific and artistic exploration of the natural world.

Product Specs

  • 16'' x 20'' canvas wall art
  • Museum-quality digital print
  • Included magnetic wooden print hanger

Quality Canvas Print

We print on premium art roll matte canvas using cutting-edge inkjet printing to capture details with precision and clarity. Durable, heavy-weight, and luxurious feeling this museum-quality canvas is sure to impress.

Magnetic Hanger System

Our posters is elegantly suspended from a magnetic hanger crafted from rich walnut-colored wood, accentuated by a rustic rawhide string for a timeless and sophisticated display. Transform your space with this combination of artistry and craftsmanship.

About the Artist

Ernst Haeckel's illustrations are masterpieces that blend scientific precision with artistic beauty. Focusing on marine life, especially microscopic organisms, his work captures the exquisite details and symmetrical patterns of these creatures. With vibrant colors and meticulous linework, Haeckel's illustrations are both scientifically valuable and artistically captivating, leaving a lasting impression on science and art enthusiasts alike.

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