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Sparkle Being

Silicone Beaded Tassel Bracelet Keychain - Card & Coin Purse Wallet

Silicone Beaded Tassel Bracelet Keychain - Card & Coin Purse Wallet

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“Ok, it’s time to go. I’ve got the diaper bag, my purse, and most importantly, the baby! But where are my keys? They’re on my wrist! With my cool beaded bracelet wristlet keychain, I never lose my keys anymore. I always know where to find them. On my wrist! Not only is it convenient, but it’s also adorable too.”

• Choose from 7 colors: pink, purple, white, Black, leopard, Tan
• The scalloped edge is feminine and the tassel is fashionable
•14 silicone beads with one wooden accent bead in a hexagon shape
• Easy release keychain
• Wallet: 2.75in X 3.93in
• Bracelet: 3.35in across
• Weight: 74g
• PU leather
Fashion has the power to change your mood and one accessory can change your entire outfit. That accessory can make any occasion special.

AMERICAN BRAND - Sparkle Being is a family-run business based in Atlanta that sells quality goods for Mom, Baby, and Home. Our promise to you: beautifully made products for you and your loved ones to spark joy in everyday life.
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