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Cancer by Sidney Hall

Cancer by Sidney Hall

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About this piece  

Sidney Hall created plate 19 titled "Cancer" as part of "Urania's Mirror," a collection of celestial cards that were accompanied by Jehoshaphat Aspin's informative treatise on astronomy. This astronomical chart is a single print crafted with etching techniques and adorned with hand-colored details. This piece is housed in the Library of Congress in London.

Product Specs

  • 16'' x 20'' canvas wall art
  • Museum-quality digital print
  • Included magnetic wooden print hanger

Quality Canvas Print

We print on premium art roll matte canvas using cutting-edge inkjet printing to capture details with precision and clarity. Durable, heavy-weight, and luxurious feeling this museum-quality canvas is sure to impress.

Magnetic Hanger System

Our posters is elegantly suspended from a magnetic hanger crafted from rich walnut-colored wood, accentuated by a rustic rawhide string for a timeless and sophisticated display. Transform your space with this combination of artistry and craftsmanship.

About the Artist

Sidney Hall (1788-1831) was a British engraver and cartographer known for his exceptional work in producing beautifully detailed maps and astronomical illustrations. His iconic set of constellation cards remains a collector's treasure, while his maps and atlases were renowned for their accuracy and artistry. Hall's contributions left an indelible mark on the world of cartography and astronomy.

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