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Hand-woven Macrame Wall Hanging Tapestry Boho Crafts Art Home Decor - Anna

Hand-woven Macrame Wall Hanging Tapestry Boho Crafts Art Home Decor - Anna

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Do you like tapestry-style wall hangings in a natural cotton color that complements any style of decor and looks expensive? Do you like wall hangings that make your room feel dramatic and give a real sense of dimension to your space? Do you like being trendy and making your friends jealous? This boho-style wall hanging is for you then. 

This macrame is handmade and gorgeous, made of 100% cotton, and features an intricate design and long elegant tassels. Make it seem like your room was professionally decorated when you hang this in your home. This beautifully braided piece of art is a natural cotton color of off-white, and on a wooden dowel and has a loop for hanging on the wall. It makes any room feel fancy and sophisticated. Whether you choose to hang it in your living room, bedroom, or nursery, this wall hanging will bring a feeling of elegance and boho style to any room.

  • Beautiful tapestry style wall hanging
  • Wooden dowel for shaping
  • It makes a great gift
  • Natural cotton color
  • 19.7*31.5 inch
  • Weight: 1.43lb

Please note: Macramé ships in a roll and will arrive appearing quite messy. You will need to spend some time unwinding the design from the supporting dowel. The process may appear overwhelming, but rest assured the design is knotted in place and will not come apart through the process of unwinding.

AMERICAN BRAND - Sparkle Being is a family-run business based in Atlanta that sells quality goods for Mom, Baby, and Home. Our promise to you: beautifully made products for you and your loved ones to spark joy in everyday life.

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