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Real Sic

Mushroom Pin - Amanita Muscaria Enamel lapel Pin Shroom Pins

Mushroom Pin - Amanita Muscaria Enamel lapel Pin Shroom Pins

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“[Amanita Muscaria] have been found to relieve anxiety, enhance mood, increase energy, and generally impart a sense of “magic” to the world through insights and synchronicities.” - Paul Austin
This red-capped mushroom appears everywhere in human history - from Christmas and Santa to Mario, to ancient Indian Rigveda. This mushroom, more than any other, has taken on the mantel of representing all mushrooms. Because of this, in a way, the ancient symbolism and cultural significance of this shroom are hidden in plain sight.
• MUSHROOM PIN - Deeply rooted in human culture, the Amanita Muscaria has become representative of all mushrooms
• PREMIUM QUALITY LAPEL PIN- We go above and beyond to use the highest quality material, to deliver the best product to you. This pin features hard enamel & real gold plating or dyed black metal.
•1.75 inches (45mm) tall hard enamel premium lapel pin, with metal butterfly backing. Well suited for denim, jackets, backpacks, suits, & shirts for men and women.

AMERICAN BRAND - Real Sic is based in Cleveland and sells Unisex fashion accessories for the sickest people on planet earth, our customers

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