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Red Sandalwood Hair Sticks Pin for Women – Set of 2 (Earth)

Red Sandalwood Hair Sticks Pin for Women – Set of 2 (Earth)

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The hair sticks inspired by a traditional hairstyle older than written history that can be traced back to over 4000 years in the Shang Dynasty. In ancient time both men and women like to use hair sticks.We selected sustainable, solid black sandalwood and red sandalwood for an ethical product that has a natural, boho aesthetic. The surface is polished, easily inserting into the hair. The subject of the carving is elegantly designed, convenient and easy to use, like a work of art, adding unique temperament for your hair. However, when used properly a single hair stick can secure hair for the entire day. For thinner hair or a more secure all-day hold, two sticks can be used.

NATURAL MATERIAL – We use black sandalwood and red sandalwood as raw material, and there are many benefits of using these natural woods to produce hair sticks.Sandalwood is a sustainable material, feel confident that this material is safe for you and the environment

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